Why should I transfer my 8mm and 16mm home movie film to video?  

For most people, it has been a long time since you have seen your old home movie films. Getting the projector and screen set up can be a hassle, and disappointing too, if the projector lamp is burned out or if the projector “eats” your precious movies. Having your films transferred will make viewing them so much easier! Also, film deteriorates over time - and without transferring the film images to another media like DVD or digital video, they will be lost.

Is this expensive? How much does it cost and are there any options to choose from?

Transferring your old home movies to video is something that you will likely do only once. It is an investment in your family heritage to ensure that the precious memories captured on your films years ago are preserved. Also video transfer allows you and your family to easily enjoy these films using a DVD player, instead of relying on obsolete film projectors.  

You can choose to have your films transferred to DVD or a digital video format such as digital tape (miniDV, digital 8mm or DVCAM) - or hard drive. The transfer fee is determined by the amount of film to be transferred. Our pricing is based on a sliding scale so that a greater quantity of film would result in a greater discounting of the transfer fee. For example, the transfer fee for 20 small 50ft reels of film is not double the price for 10 reels - it is less. All transfers are priced using the same schedule whether you have 16mm film, Regular 8mm film or Super 8mm film.  

Which video medium should I have my films transferred to - DVD, Hard Drive or Digital Tape?

For our clients, transfer to DVD is the most popular choice - but increasingly many are also asking for their footage on hard drive too. Likewise fewer clients are requesting transfer to digital videotape. To simplify this FAQ, we will discuss only DVD and hard drive options - but we do offer digital tape as an option too. If you have questions about transfer to digital tape, please feel free to e-mail or call.

Transferring your films to DVD enables easy viewing and exceptional audio/video quality. Remember how awkward it was to search for a scene manually by forwarding and rewinding through a VHS tape? With all transfers to DVD, we make 'chapter stops' at about every 3 to 5 minutes. This makes scanning through your films so much faster and convenient. HOWEVER, please note that in everyday use DVDs can be lost, scratched or otherwise damaged by children, pets, etc. Fortunately, DVD copies are inexpensive, so it is wise to order several extra copies for family and friends - and be sure to keep at least one set of DVDs in a safe place to ensure that more copies can be made if necessary. 

We can also transfer your 8mm & 16mm films to hard drives. Most commonly, this option is for those clients that plan on using computer software to edit their home movie films further or as a secondary form of archive. The video file that we will put on your hard drive is a standard DV stream and it will be 'large' (about 12 gigs/hour of video) and will typically show as an .avi file. This file will play on windows media player. You may certainly opt to have your films recorded to both DVD and hard drive. Unlike transfers to DVD, film transfers on to hard drive do not include any titles or music.  

To determine pricing for each of these options, please use the scrolling box below: 

Reels  Feet  DVD or
Hard Drive 

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There is an additional charge of $7.50 to switch back and forth between regular and super 8mm or 16mm films in the same order because each are run on separate equipment. The most economical way to transfer your films is to number them so that all the regular 8mm films, the super 8mm films and 16mm films are grouped together. If you are unsure, we will be glad to do this for you - just write this request on your order form.

For help in determining the type and quantity of film that you have, click here.

What is included in the film transfer fee?

  • We clean and lubricate your film and repair any weak splices or broken film.
  • We rewind and repair any film that arrives 'upside down', 'backwards', etc.
  • We use aerial image technology for high quality image transfer.
  • We use modern video cameras for the highest image quality. Some of our competitors utilize single-chip cameras that are 20+ years old!
  • We add a FREE background music sound track. The music we use for the background is 'orchestral' (no vocals) and the mood is nostalgic and sentimental.
    (Note: We do not add music to any order containing a film that has sound unless you specifically request us to do so.)
  • We add complementary title screens to the beginning and at the end of your film transfer.  
  • We have over 25 years of experience in quality film transfer. We understand that your films are 'priceless' and we treat them with the care that you expect.

Most families order extra copies so that there are copies for each sibling and for the parents. By the technique that we use, all your copies will be equally high quality originals!  Up to 2 hours of footage (this is about 1700-1800 feet of 8mm film) will fit onto one DVD disk (or VHS video). 

This sounds great! What should I do and how long does it take?

All you need to do is to:

1. Number the film reels in the order that you would like them transferred.
2. Complete the order form.
3. Send the order form along with your films to the address shown below.

Processing your order normally takes about 2-3 weeks from the time that we receive it. This timing may extend longer based on order backlog. The best way to check on the current backlog status is to email us at

Do you have more questions? If so, please visit our FAQ page.

Mail your videotape, specifications and payment to:

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