Why transfer photographs to video?

Transferring photographs to video has become very popular! These are often referred to as photo montages. A montage of special family photos set to music is a very unique gift that will become a treasured heirloom. In addition to photos, we can also transfer newspaper clippings, diplomas, military papers, logos, etc.

Photo montages are very special gifts and are often produced for special occasions such as:

  • Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements and birthdays
  • Funerals - as tributes honoring the life of a deceased loved one
  • Special features at banquets and fundraisers for church, school, teams, civic and business events, trade shows, exhibits, etc.

What does a photo montage look like?

The montage will open with broadcast quality titles and then each photo is displayed for approximately 6 seconds. If your montage requires music, the client must supply the music to us. Music you have chosen that is appropriate for the individual or event is incorporated into the montage. These songs can be on CD/MP3 etc. and if the correct rendition is on youtube then a link can be emailed. Generally pictures will be displayed at a cadence of about 10 per minute so a 3 minute song should have approximately 30 pictures with it. You may certainly deviate somewhat from this guideline (plus or minus 20% is usually 'ok') - but you risk having the images shown at too fast or too slow a pace. The photos are all digitally processed and arranged so that as the first photo fades out, the next photo is smoothly fading in. Often we receive comments that the photos on the montage looked better than the actual photographs. This is because each photo is cropped to best display the central content of the picture and then enlarged to fill the size of a television screen. 

What's included?

  • Each photo is digitized and can be electronically cropped to highlight the central content of the picture.
  • Borders and backgrounds are added as necessary.
  • Motion backgrounds that are appropriate for the theme of the project may be used to add a touch of elegance.
  • Title screens (or captions) are added to the opening and closing of the montage. Smooth digital, cross-fades and other transitions are used between photos. 
  • The original photos are returned to you. They are not harmed via the digitization process.

What is the transfer fee? How much does this cost?

The transfer fee is determined by the number of photos that are to become part of the montage. Use the box below to determine the transfer fee:

# of Images Transfer Fee  Minutes of Music
40 $ 189.95 4
50 $ 229.95 5
75 $ 269.95 7.5
100 $ 324.95 10
125 $ 364.95 12.5
150 $ 419.95 15
175 $ 474.95 17.5
200 $ 529.95 20
250 $ 624.95 25
300 $ 719.95 30
400 $ 924.95 40
500 $1129.95 50

Additional photos can be added at $2.39 each. Do you have a special request? We can time photos to the music, add video clips, add movement to the photos, etc. These special editing options are available at the current studio edit rate - please contact us for more information.

Are there any other options?

Most families order extra DVD copies. By the technique that we use, all your copies will be equally high quality originals! Most families order one copy for each child and one for the parents. Additional DVD copies are only $10 each.


If the montage is to be shown continuously (as in the case of a wedding reception or a trade show), we can create a 'looping' DVD.  This means that no one will be required to watch the montage and repeatedly keep pressing 'play' each time it is over.


Additional title screens may be added in the body of the video montage or as captions overlaying an image. Additional titling is only $3 per screen. Often, extra titles (or captions) are added to insert prose, a bible verse or just to document the next set of photos as to time or location.

This sounds great! What should I do?

All you need to do is to:

1. Number the photos in the order that they should be transferred.
2. Complete the order form.
3. Send the order form along with your photos to the address shown below.

How long does this take?

Processing of your order takes about 2-3 weeks from the time that we receive it. During the Christmas rush, this timing may extend out longer based on order backlog. The best way to check on current backlog is to email us at .

Mail your videotape, specifications and payment to:

VideoComm Technologies International, Inc.
361 East Parkwood Ave.
Friendswood, TX 77546


Questions? email us at