Help in Determining the Type and Amount of Film That You Have

The most common film reel is made from plastic and measures about three inches in diameter. These reels hold 50 feet of film. Sometimes several of these 50 foot reels would be spliced together onto larger reels. About 95% of our customers have regular or super 8mm films. Only a few clients have the 16mm film format. There are also a few customers that have old films that are in cartridges such Technicolor or Polavison.

If you have larger reels (or a mix of larger and small reels), you will need to determine how many feet of film that you have to be able to determine the transfer fee. Use the table shown below to determine how much film that you have.

Reel diameter   


Footage of film


Note: The chart assumes that all larger reels are completely full of film. If you have larger reels that are not full, you will only be charged for the actual amount of film that is held on each reel.

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