Video tape repair, camcorder tape repair, VCR tape repair, 8mm video tape repair, VHS tape repair, etc.

We repair broken or damaged VCR and camcorder tapes so that copies of the contents of these tapes can be salvaged in whole or in part. Formats of video tapes that we repair include VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, hi-8mm, digital 8mm and miniDV video tapes. Videotapes can become damaged either by the tape itself becoming broken or crinkled or by physical damage to the tape housing or internals. Most physical damage can be repaired or recovered. However, we cannot repair a 'damaged image' that was recorded onto the original tape via clogged or dirty video heads. Also, we cannot repair tapes that have been magnetically erased or accidentally recorded over. 

We will repair your original tape and produce a DVD copy for $79.95 You may also order multiple copies - extra DVD copies are only $10 each.  

We also transfer to other file formats that are better suited for editing on your Mac or PC. Typically these will be DV stream (large .avi files) for PC or quicktime files for Mac users. These are large, files that usually consume about 12-13 gigs per hour of video. Please call or e-mail if you are interested in this option.

Please note that the repaired tape(s) should no longer be used in your camcorder or playback deck as it may damage your equipment. 

Please DO NOT disassemble the video cassette housing of your damaged tape! Doing so, may make the tape more costly or impossible to repair. Inside the cassette are tension springs, rollers, etc. - this is no job for an amateur. Please note that tapes that have been disassembled take longer to repair and will result in a repair fee of up to $25 higher.

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Complete the order for and send it with your damaged video tape to:

VideoComm Technologies International, Inc.
361 East Parkwood Ave.
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281-992-4100 or call toll free 888-778-4336

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