F. A. Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

My tape was jammed in the VCR. I pulled it out and the tape is mangled and crinkled. What should I do?

If your tape is an inexpensive commercial tape, we recommend that you throw away the damaged tape and buy a new replacement. If, however, the tape is very meaningful to you (like the only copy of your child’s 1st birthday, your wedding, etc.) then send it to us. Do not try to disassemble the tape housing and repair it yourself. Do not rewind the tape into the tape housing. Leave it "as is". Tampering with the damaged tape or trying to disassemble the plastic cassette housing may result in the permanent loss of the tape.

Why do I need to have a copy made of my repaired tape?

Although we can repair your original video tape, it is not guaranteed to play back in your VCR. Therefore, we return a VHS copy of your original video (along with the repaired original tape) via our repair service. We recommend that the original be saved as a back up tape and that the new VHS copy be used for routine viewing thereafter.

Is it OK to play the repaired tape in my VCR?

In most instances, a splice is required to repair the videotape. The splice is very strong and should not break. However, due to the splice, the videotape is ‘thicker’ at that point on the tape. Passing this extra thickness across your video playback heads presents a risk for your VCR. 

Can you repair 8mm and digital (miniDV) videotapes ?

Yes, we now repair VHS, 8mm and miniDV format video cassettes.

My tape was accidentally recorded over. Is there a way to recover the original video?

Sorry - but the answer is "no". If you have an irreplaceable tape, we always recommend making one or more back up copies as soon as possible. 

I have a video tape that is about 20 years old and it plays back very poorly now - why is this?

Over time (about 10-25 years), video tapes lose the magnetic signal that was recorded onto them. For tapes that are precious and irreplaceable, we strongly recommend that they be converted to DVD. This must be done BEFORE the magnetic signal is 'lost'. When the signal is gone (or if it becomes erased accidentally) there is no way to 'repair' the video. The good news is that video which is recorded onto a DVD is expected to last for 100+ years with no loss in quality!

Can you also make a DVD from my damaged tape?

Yes - and transfer of video tape to DVD is becoming a very popular choice. DVDs do not lose the video signal (over time) like video tapes do.

May I order more than one copy of my tape?

Yes - and you may 'mix' formats as well. For example, you may order one DVD and several VHS copies as well.


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