Why transfer slides to video/USB?

With quality improvements in digital imaging technology, transferring slides to video has become very popular! By transferring your slides to CD/USB or Video DVD you can condense hundreds (or even thousands) of bulky individual slides along with dozens of carousels and boxes onto a space saving disk. This is also a great time to organize your slides and to get rid of any duplicates, out of focus slides, "vacation" slides that picture only a mountain, beach or tree and may not be as meaningful now. Another advantage of having your slides transferred to video is that you can make additional copies of your CD or DVD so that other family members may share the joy of these precious images. 

What transfer options are available?

There are two types of slide transfer:

  1. High Resolution Scan - This transfer technique results in the creation of individual digital files for each slide that are then recorded onto a CD/USB drive. As the name suggests, the resolution quality of scanned slides is much higher than those that are scanned for television. We use Professional NIKON slide scanners with a true optical resolution of 2400-4000dpi.  After the slides have been digitized, you can easily view the images by using your home computer, laptop, etc. This is also a great option if you want to print out any of the images, upload them to a website or even e-mail them to friends and family. 
  2. Slide Montage- This method of slide transfer results in a DVD "movie" of the years gone by. The video will open with a broadcast quality title and then each of your slides will be displayed for approximately 6 seconds. As one slide fades out, the next slide is smoothly fading in, with music playing in the background. This method may easily be viewed on your television using a DVD player. 

Isn't it expensive? How much does slide transfer cost?

The transfer fee is determined by the number of slides that are to be transferred. Use the scrolling boxes below to determine pricing:


High Resolution Scan Slide Montage
  • Transferred to CD/USB for use on computer.
  • High resolution scanning(2400-4000dpi) of each slide using scanners that utilize LED light, Digital Ice infra-red technology.
  • Conversion of slides to industry standard JPEG format files with the compression ratio set at the maximum practical quality. 
  • Additional copies of your digital files on CD at only $5 each.


  • Title screens are added to the opening and closing of the slide transfer. 
  • Smooth, digital, cross-fades and other transitions are used between slides.
  • Standard background music is added throughout the whole transfer or custom music can be added.
  • Additional DVD copies are $10 each.


*All slides are returned to you in their original condition. They are not harmed or altered via the transfer processes.

Additional Title Screens (for Slide Montage only)

Additional title screens may be added for only $3 per screen. Often extra titles are added to document a set of slides as to time, location, event and so forth. You may also place a title on a slide in order to 'caption' the image. 

This sounds great! What should I do?

All you need to do is to:

1. Number the slides in the order that they should be transferred. If they are in Kodak style carousels (80 or 140 count), please ship them in the carousels.
2. Complete the order form.
3. Send the order form along with your slides to the address shown below.

How long does this take?

Processing of your order usually takes about 2-3 weeks from the time that we receive it. This timing may extend out longer based on order backlog. The best way to check on current backlog is to email us at .

Need more information? Check our FAQ pages.      

Mail your materials, specifications and payment to:

VideoComm Technologies International, Inc.
361 East Parkwood Ave.
Friendswood, TX 77546


Questions? email us at