F. A. Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is a video of slides?

~10 slides are equivalent to about one minute of video. 

How many slides can be transferred onto a video DVD?

Around 1200 slides will fit onto a standard quality DVD.

How long are the slides displayed on the TV screen?

Photos (and slides) are normally displayed for about 6 seconds each. We have found that this is the optimum viewing time for most slides.

Do I get my original slides back?

Yes. The original slides are returned to you. They are not harmed via the transfer process.

What kind of background music is used?

Clients usually provide the appropriate length of music by Audio CD or Computer Audio Files(.wav, .mp3 etc.).  Otherwise all in house music is orchestral only, there are no vocals.

Why should I order extra copies?

By having your slides transferred to video, multiple copies can be made and shared with all the family members involved (with slides, there is usually only one set, so only one person has them). This means that every family member will get an equally high quality copy of the family movies on video.  By our process, all the videos are equally high in quality. Additional DVD copies are only $10 each. 

May titles be inserted between slides?

Titles may inserted anywhere in the montage. Titles at the open and close of the video are complimentary. The service fee to prepare and insert additional titles into the montage is $3 each.

How is the quality of the slide video transfer?

Professional Grade NIKON slide scanners (not consumer-grade) are used to capture your 35mm slide images with 2400 - 4,000 dpi true optical resolution.

What is meant by the terms "portrait" and "landscape"? Why is this important?

Slides will normally be rectangular. Those slides that are taller that they are wide are referred to as 'portrait' and those that are wider than they are tall are referred to as 'landscape.' This is significant in that television screens are wider than they are tall; they are 'landscape.' Therefore, slides that are 'portrait' will be viewed with borders on the right and left side of the slide in the montage. Normally 'landscape' slides will fill the television screen. Therefore, in the choice between two equal slides, we recommend that you choose the 'landscape' one to send us to be included in your montage. See example below:

How does one slide transition to another?

The slides are all digitally processed and arranged so that as the first slide fades out, the next slide is smoothly fading in. The effect is similar to a multimedia display where two projectors are running in concert so that one image dissolves to the next.

How long does it take to process my order?

Typical processing of your order takes about 2-3 weeks from the time that we receive it. During the Christmas rush, this timing may extend out longer based on order backlog. The best way to check on current backlog is to email us at .


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